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Why Choose Michelle's Hidden Spa?

No Talking 

Have you ever received a massage from a therapist who wouldn't stop talking? I love a good chat, but I won't initiate a conversation with you during your massage. I follow your lead.


I disinfect absolutely everything in between appointments. I follow strict COVID-19 sanitation protocols under the guidance of the Health Department.



Appointments always start and end on time. Provided you arrive 5 minutes early, my goal is to maximize your hands-on time. My hands don't leave your body until the clock hits your appointment end time.

Health at Every Size

I use a wide and long massage table and large sheets to accommodate all body types. You won't have to worry about feeling uncovered.

Safe Space


I provide a body-positive, trans-friendly space where you can relax and ignore the outside world. Leave your insecurities at the door; your comfort is my utmost priority.

YOU Are in Control 

No aspect of your massage should come as a surprise. We'll conduct a thorough intake at your first appointment where I explain my treatment plan in detail. I obtain your informed consent—both verbal and written—and I make sure you know you always have the right to withdraw or alter your consent. Your session is about you, not me.

Custom Tailored Treatments

I keep track of your preferences—everything from your favourite essential oils and your love of scalp massage to your ticklish feet and your music selection. You're not typical; why should your massage be?

Peace & Quiet

Goodbye, noisy clinics. My treatment room is tucked away in a stand alone house turned commercial so you can enjoy your massage in peace.

Customized Music

Accoustic, Worship, Country, Beach Music, Nature Sounds, you name it! I can play whatever you are in the mood for! The experience is all about you!

I even create customized playlists for my regulars.

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