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Dermacycling exceeded my expections! It has made a huge difference in my scar after only 3 treatments!

- Dollie Drake

My dark circles have disappeared and my nasolabial folds have lifted with the omega peel and microcurrent.

-Jeanette Davis

Michelle gave me one of the best facials I ever had and I have been getting facials all over Indy for the past 20 years. -Dorothy Schilling

My doctor suggested I have a Message Therapist work on my shoulder. There was some discomfort in my right scapula caused by swimming. Intense interval training in the pool helps burn calories and is a great cardio vascular exercise. Unfortunately, as we get older, our muscles disagree with the intensity and become tight.


I had my first therapy with Michelle with great results. She found knots in my muscles surrounding the scapula. After she pushed on the knots correctly, the pain subsided. For now I will visit Michelle weekly until the scapula pain is completely gone. At that point, I will work with Michelle on a maintenance schedule to help avoid a chronic muscle problem to occur again.


Regards, Phil Cleaver

Indianapolis, Geist Area


My client Golda, 84 years young, had prayed to find a massage therapist for help with her fibromyalgia pain. She found me through a referral. The first time Golda had a massage with me, it took another women and I to get her on my massage table. It wasn't an easy task. She couldn't even turn over on the table. She would come weekly for a massage. I'm excited to announce that by the third massage treatment, she is now able get on the table without any help and can easily turn over on the table. She is so excited and pleased by how much better she feels!

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