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Oxygen Infusing Glow




Sleek, oxygenating infuser dispenses an ultra-fine line-filling mist for instant volume and a "glass skin" glow. Instantly hydrate, nourish, and brighten the skin. Revolutionary Hya10+ Complex with 10 different sizes of hyaluronic acid volumize skin, while genuine diamond powder diffuses a luminious glow.














Nano-needling is a non-invasive serum delivery system. A stylus is used to tap nano-cartdridges to the skin- thousands of microscopic pyramid-like tips that penetrate the skin's epidermis. A higher absorption rate of up to a whopping 97% for these serums, which target specific skin issues, while the skin's collagen production is stimulated.  You will find a reduction in scarring and hyperpigmentation, and lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

DermaDisk Exfoliator 














The Dermadisk is an innovative microdermabrasion device that gentle vibration and a convex diamond tip disc to remove the top layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and bright. I feel the suction of traditional microdermabrasion machines does not have enough benefit to warrant the possibility of breaking capillaries or stretching already loose skin. 


The Skin Enhancer
















The Skin enhancer is a cleansing and rejuvenating facial device. It includes modes for deep cleanse, product penetration, facial contouring and calming. It integrates nanocurrent (EMS), heat, and biomechanical vibrations of tighetening and lifting the skin. Red, blue, and orange LED plus cold for locking in product, closing the pores, and calming the skin.

Nano Needling 

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